• We map

    asbestos roofs 

    from aerial imagery.

    Asbestos roofs are banned in the Netherlands from 2024. Do you want to know which roofs still contain asbestos? We can map them for you.




  • Asbestos roofs

    The facts in the Netherlands.

    Banned from 1 January 2024.

    Before 2024 all (existing) asbestos roofs have to be removed.

    120.000.000 m2 asbestos roofs.

    There is still 120.000.000 m2 of asbestos roof in the Netherlands

    145 fires a year.

    3 times a week there is a fire where asbestos fibers come free.

    Huge opportunity for contractors.

    The total investment to remove these roofs is estimated at € 4,25 billion.

    900 -1.300 people die every year.

    There are 900 tot 1300 asbestos related casualties a year in the Netherlands alone.

    Only 1/3 insurance companies covers clean up.

    Only 1 out of 3 insurance companies covers the cost of asbestos clean up after a fire. After 2024 it will be impossible to insure an asbestos roof.

  • The ban on asbestos roofs is coming.

    Municipalities are responsible to maintain the ban.

  • Role of governments

    In the Netherlands municipalities are responsible for maintaining the ban.We distinguish 3 phases:

    Mapping asbestos roofs

    Without data no action is possible

    How big is the problem? The size of the problem differs a lot per municipality. To investigate this we map all asbestos roofs from aerial imagery. A bonus on this is that a list of adresses for all found roofs is generated. Municipalities can use these adresses to inform the building owners and stimulate them to act if needed.

    Monitor progress

    Are we on track?

    How many roofs are being replaced and are we on track to 2024?

    Maintaining the ban

    Track and trace illegal sanitation

    Maintaining starts now. By measuring which roofs are being replaced and comparing those addresses to building permits, illegal replacement can be traced.

  • Nobody can navigate without data.

    Every region has it's own caracteristics. Insights in the problem is necessary to come up with the right measurements.

  • Mapping asbestos roofs from aerial imagery

    To determine the right set of measurements, data is necessary. We give insight in the amount of asbestos roofs, the people owning those roofs and the surface per roof. Curious how we do that? Keep on reading.


    We detect asbestos roofs using remote sensing and machine learning. We use Remote sensing to abstract valuable data from aerial imagery and height data (LiDAR) and combine this with multiple other data sources. In total we collect about 100 characteristics per roof surface. Examples of these characteristics are:

    • Year of construction
    • Building usage
    • Tilt and orientation of the roof
    • Type of roof
    • Colour of the roof
    • Texture of the roof
    • Replacement of the roof
    • Presence of solar panels

    All these characteristics and relationships between them are analysed using machine learning. Our machine learning algorithms then tell us which roofs have the highest possibility of containing asbestos. Our algorithms calculate per building the chance it has an asbestos roof. We execute manual checks to guarantee a high reliability.



    We have developed our method step by step validating the results in 5 pilots with different municipalities throughout the Netherlands. In total we have analysed over 200.000 buildings for the following organisations.

  • We have a lot of existing data and knowledge.

    By using existing data sources we save on acquisition costs and time.

  • Asbestos data products

    You can order the following data products for every region in the Netherlands, please ask us about possibilities for others countries.

    Mapping: Insights on a address and building level

    Do you want to know how many asbestos roofs are present in your region? We can deliver a data-file with all addresses and buildings in your region. You receive: suspicious roofs, addresses and the roof area.

    Update: Change detection on new imagery

    Do you want to update your data? This is possible. Change detection offers two opportunities: trace illegal removal and monitoring how many roofs are being replaced.

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